High Speed Camera Counting

High speed vision sensors are perfect for non-standard label counting and limited gross defect inspection. The vision sensors used by Reconcile Engineering on our Label Counters have their own internal triggers, a “self-triggering” or “part-finding” software tool that allows you to train the sensor on a unique pattern or image on the label. This pattern must repeat on each label for the sensor to identify and trigger on each label, hence providing a stable counting platform.

Vision sensors have multiple software tools available for use on a single application and can therefore be used for high speed counting and inspection for gross pattern or text defects. Put simply, you train the sensor on a good pattern (on a good label) and using a powerful pattern match tool any defective label patterns can be flagged. These sensors excel where a particular pattern or logo on a label must be present for the label to be deemed a good label.

We use a range of Vision Sensors from the globally renowned Cognex range and provide a dedicated Vision View Controller for simple set-up, operator use, real-time monitoring of statistics & image analysis. Unmatched in speed, we’ve counted labels at 150 labels per second with these sensors! Its one-button teach feature means your ready in seconds for the next label type.

Not to be confused with higher-end vision cameras for more detailed inspection, these sensors cannot read bar codes and are not for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or Optical Character Verification (OCV) of printed text. See our “Label Barcode Inspection” and “Label Vision Inspection” links on the left of the screen for more information.

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    A clear view

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