Dual or Multi-Type Sensor Packages

Flexibility to suit your needs

Increasingly we see a number of customers having to manage a diverse range or very large mix of label and web material types. Coupled with a requirement to inspect text or features on the label for defects or even verify barcodes on each label, a single sensor on the machine will not suffice. Future-proofing your Label Counter against the introduction of additional label types for new product lines etc. is achievable too with a sensor combination package.

Combinig our standard Infra-red (IR) and optional Ultrasonic (US) fork sensors on your machine is a sure way to manage all your opaque and clear label/web material mixes. A selection switch on the machine allows you to use either sensor or both sensors at the same time on suitable materials. Because we use seperate control channels, each sensor count is independent of the other and therefore both count results can be used to verify each other. Both counts are displayed independently on the machine. You may even want two of the same sensor type for simple count verification or “double-checking” of the label count.

Some special, non-standard type labels may not conform with traditional fork sensor counting methods or a specific feature on the label needs to be checked for presence or defects. In this case a vision sensor may be required for high speed counting or checking. A barcode reader may be desired to verify Barcodes, 2D data matrix codes or Pharmacode on the labels. Combinations of these with our IR and US fork sensors are possible. For more information see our “High Speed Camera Counting” and “Label Barcode Reading” links on the left of your screen.

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