Quantity Dispense Counting

Measured, exact control

Quantity Dispense Counting is one of three features our unique Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) & Human Machine Interface (HMI) Package offers for those requiring full and accurate reconciliation of all label stock inclusive of the ability to accurately count and dispense a desired quantity of labels from the larger roll. This allows stock control personnel to manage labels used for production/packaging versus labels returned to stock.

A software package developed by Reconcile Engineering consists of a series of complex algorithms that use information from the machine’s count sensor & the machine’s shaft encoder coupled with an ability to automatically measure the label length and gap between labels across a sample length of the web. When quantity dispense mode is selected from the HMI the operator is asked to key in the required quantity of labels desired from the full roll.

Upon start up the machine will automatically ramp up to 80 meters per minute web speed (80% maximum machine speed) maintain this constant speed until it is within 500 labels of the desired quantity selected by the operator. In an automatic and controlled fashion the machine will gradually slow down as it approaches the final dispense counted label.

The machine also automatically adjusts and maintains a stable count where quantities of less then 500 labels are desired. This finite control by the machines PLC and software setup ensures a 100% accurate count and stable machine stop leaving no room for error. An ideal feature where a tight control of label stock is required or in a packaging environment such as Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials Packaging where low label volumes and large label mixes are handled.


Where missing labels are detected in Missing Label Detection mode the Dispense Count feature can be used to dispense count out to exact label positions where a missing label was detected. Visual inspection and/or corrective action can be taken where each missing label has occurred.

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