Clear Label or Booklet Type Label Counting

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Reconcile Engineering offer an Infra-red (IR) sensor package on our standard machines for the purpose of counting standard opaque, adhesive type labels. Once the label itself is opaque (not clear/transparent) the sensor is perfectly stable, providing accurate and repeatable counts. The web materials can be opaque or clear.

For clear label counting on opaque or clear web materials an upgraded sensor package is required. Reconcile Engineering offer an Ultrasonic (US) sensor package for counting clear labels and/or booklet type labels, normally associated with Pharmaceutical packaging, where the label is quite thick/deep and contains a number of pages or layers containing large amounts of product or support information.

The US sensor is also recommended for labels containing metalised inks or metalised features. The US sensor will still count your standard opaque labels. Where very thick, Kraft paper-type backing materials are used it is important to have these materials tested by us as paper density irregularities can result in some sensor instabilities. A sensor combination package may be recommended in this rare case.

All our sensors come with a mechanical height adjustment feature on the machine.

What if I have a large and diverse range of label stock I need to manage?

In these cases we recommend a sensor combination package. The machine can be delivered with 2 or more sensors, an IR & US combination or similar. A vision type sensor for non-standard type labels may need to be considered. See the “Dual or Multi-Type Sensor Packages” link below for more information.

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