Count Data Recording

Recording counts is as easy as 1,2,3

Count Data Recording is one of three features our unique Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) & Human Machine Interface (HMI) Package offers for those requiring full and accurate reconciliation of all label stock inclusive of the ability to output the basic count information for each roll to an external network, database or PC for storage or report filing.  With the PLC/HMI package for our label counters the system comes configured to export the count quantity, date and time stamp from the HMI via an Ethernet cable connection. The data file format is the simple, widely supported Comma Seperated Values (CSV) file format. The User Manual for the machine details how to set up a standard PC or Laptop for data transfer. Upon each label roll count the operator presses the “Export Data” button on the HMI (operator interface) to execute the data transfer.

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