Different Core Size Options

With our standard label counting systems come a set of expandable 3″ (76mm) mandrels to suit the common 3″ ID (inside diameter) label roll core size. Often our customers manage 2 or more different core sizes across their label material range. This can be a problem with compressed air (pneumatic) actuated mandrels on some machines. We can provide a number of different mandrel diameters to suit these needs. It may be the case that a roll of labels needs to be transfered from a differnt core size to a standard 3″ core to suit the label application process. This is no problem as mandrels can be mixed or matched to suit  your needs as these cases arise.

  • Meeting your requirements

    Meeting your requirements

    Mandrels can be mixed or matched to suit your needs as these cases arise.

  • Dual or Multi-Type Sensor Packages

    Flexibility to suit your needs Increasingly we see a number of customers having to manage a diverse range or very large mix of label and we

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  • High Speed Camera Counting

    High speed vision sensors are perfect for non-standard label counting and limited gross defect inspection. The vision sensors used by Reconcile Engineering on our Label Coun

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